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Customized cable converting and packing.

Special applications call for specific solutions.

We work with you to develop cable systems for various industries - optimized for specific
applications and always in line with every aspect of even the most stringent requirements.
Complex wire harnesses and cable sub-assemblies are produced and
assembled using state-of-the-art production technology.
Our experienced, highly trained employees ensure top
quality and cost-effectiveness.

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We develop and produce products including:
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System cables for hands-free car kits

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Cables for in-car entertainment systems

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Power cables and cords

Coaxial cables

Data cables

HF cables

Let us connect your technology.

Due to our many years of experience in converting and packing cables in the wireless radio segment,
our clientele includes both well-known automotive manufacturers and mobile phone producers.
Connecting infotainment systems and in-car electronics is one of our particular strenghts.
For these applications, we produce connector cables, installation-ready wire harnesses and fully
assembled converted solutions such as:

Connector cables for MP3 players

Connector cables for display systems

Antenna cables

Microphone and acoustic cables

Working closely together with the customer and with a plan tailored specifically to the exact use
within the vehicle, we develop and produce complete and assembly-ready wire harnesses and
sub-assemblies for a wide range of applications in cars and trucks.

Interior and engine compartment

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Lights and sensors

Doors (e.g. power window regulators)

Seating (e.g. seat heating)

Closing mechanism for sunroofs