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Metal and plastic parts.

That critical competitive edge.

Electromechanical sub-assemblies are being asked to do
more and more, and becoming more complex.
We meet the challenge these new requirements bring
with them by putting state-of-the-art technology to work.
Whether made from plastic or metal, singly or in combi-
nation, our products are ready for series production and
offer superior economic efficiency and top quality.
Working with you, we develop and produce innovative
products for a broad spectrum of applications in electrical
engineering, electronics and the automotive sector.

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Die-cuts and flexible parts

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Deep-drawn parts

Plastic parts

Insert molding (reel to reel)

Plastic/metal composite parts (hybrids)

From the individual part to the composite product.

Thanks to our specialists´know-how in manufacturing composite products made from metal and
plastic, cost-effective and efficient production processes are guaranteed.
The services we offer in this segment range from multi-component injection molding to composite
injection molding. We produce complex products from all of the standard high-performance
materials, including aluminium, steel, and copper alloys plated with gold, extrusion-coated either
once or multiple times.